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Oct. 21, 2017

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Misc. wise sayings

  • Without belittling the courage with which men have died, we should not forget those acts of courage with which men have lived.
    (John F. Kennedy)
  • Ash heaps like to be adored like extinct vulcans. 
    (Wielaw Bruzinski)
  • One's image is either too good or to bead but never that which is deserved.
    (Harriet Bowles)
  • Without enthusiasm, the best power of our mind is sleeping. It is the tinder in us which wants to be lighted. 
    (Johann Gottfried Herder)
  • A beautiful woman pleases the eyes, a good one the heart, the first is a nugget, the last is a treasure.
    (Napoleon Bonaparte)
  • Even the hardest woker is nothing without imagination.
    (Heinrich Schliemann)
  • The most important awareness of life is the fact that even fools can be right sometimes.
    (Winston Churchill)
  • Our times are suffering from the situation there are too many people but just a few humans.
    (Jose Ortega y Gasset)
  • The forest is the best place to hide a tree.
  • The reason of every addiction is an aspiration.
    (T. M. Völk)
  • The more corrupt a state is, the more laws does it need. 
  • A small function which you can perform is your place of honour but a great one which you cannot overcome is your pillory.
    (Otto von Leixner)
  • Is is not easy to understand women but worthwhile.
    (Andre Maurois)
  • Beautiful women are only good for a week but the good ones beautiful for a lifetime.
    (Wisdom from India)
  • I am ready to go everywhere as long as I can go forward.
    (David Livingstone)
  • The true freedom is nothing more than fairness.
    (Johann Gottfried Seume)
  • Everybody can get knowledge - but the art of thinking is the ratest present of nature.
    (Friedrich der Grosse)
  • Why demanding all the things we acutally can dismiss?
    (Daniel Georg Morhof)
  • The shortest way to oneself turns around the world.
    (Graf Hermann Keyserling)
  • The power of a tree is in its roots, not branches
    (Gertud von Le Ford)
  • We think we exercise experiences but the experiences are exercising us.
    (Eugene Ionesco)
  • Nothing is impossible, presupposed it is unreasonable enough.
    (Niels Bohr)
  • You will not believe how much you have to beleive to be disbelieving.
    (Michael Kardinal Faulhaber)
  • Our knowledge is a drop. What we do not know is an ocean.
    (Isaac Newton)
  • The final level or motorization is reached if parking cost more than driving. 
    (Peter Sellers)
  • The world is valuable by its extremes but is only be balanced by the average.
    (Paul Valérie)
  • The street of the slightest resistance is only asphaltic at the beginning.
    (Hans Kasper)
  • The faster a man moves, the less he can see.
    (Erich Limpach)
  • There are no problems - beside those you put up with.
    (Sammy Davis jr.)
  • Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.
    (Martin Luther)